Joinery Workshop

Students work in a team and are supported by a qualified member of staff. They create plans to make items that can be used in the garden and the polytunnel. The items are made from recycled wood. The team also work around the Pennine Centre doing general maintenance jobs. This includes fixing faults, changing light bulbs, and building flat pack furniture.

Tuck Shop

The tuck shop opens every day at 10.00am. It provides a retail training opportunity. Students sell snacks and soft drinks to staff and the other students. They are taught how to use an electronic till, take money, give the correct change and check the stock levels. When stock is low they go with a member of staff to the wholesale warehouses. They pay for new stock with the profits made.


Every Wednesday and Friday a group of students volunteer at the Morrisons store in Ovenden. They are supported by a member of staff. They tidy the shelves and clear empty packaging. They report items that are low in stock to the full time staff. They also help staff to use a recycling machine for some of the packaging that they have collected.


Every Tuesday a group of students volunteer at the Matalan store in Halifax. They are supported by a member of staff. They sort out new deliveries in the warehouse. On the shop floor they return clothes from the changing rooms to the correct area of the shop. They also set up the shop displays using a store guide.

Commercial Kitchen

The Pennine Commercial kitchen has a 5 star rating. It is run by a qualified Cook. The students work in a small group to prepare and make the lunch time meals. Lunch is available for staff and students every day. They can buy sandwiches or a hot meal with a desert. The students also help to serve the food. When lunch break has finished they clean the kitchen. Students are encouraged take a Food Hygiene exam on the internet.

Commercial Garden

Students work in a team. They prepare the ground and seed beds, plant new seeds and care for them as they grow. When they are ready the flowers are sold at local markets by the students. The vegetables are used in our Kitchens. When we have too many vegetables we give them away to local community groups.

Pennine Office

One student at a time works in the office with our receptionist. They help with the work that needs to be done every day. This work includes filing paperwork, marking attendance sheets, updating spread sheets on the computer, answering the telephone, taking messages from the telephone, creating forms and photocopying.