Students are encouraged to support each other during activities. Some of them volunteer to buddy up for every session. This helps to improve the self-esteem of the student who is supporting. This can also help the supported to feel more secure during an activity in knowing they have study buddy. Students are also able to care for and nurture plants in the garden and poly tunnel. They care for them to help them grow.


During Student Voice sessions, the students are encouraged to have a quiet time. This is so that they can reflect on their feelings. They are taught meditation techniques. Students also practise relaxation exercises after a fitness class as part of their health and wellbeing.


Some of our sessions cover topics such as the importance of relationships with family and friends. We discuss how relationships can sometimes go wrong and ways of repairing them. We provide meeting rooms for the students to have discussions with outside agencies, such as Social Workers and parents and carers. The student’s keyworker is always available to attend these meetings with them, or to discuss relationship problems with students on a one to one basis.


We interact with our Community at every opportunity. We share our garden produce with local groups. Magpie Movers are invited to perform at lots of local events. These have included summer fetes and galas, the Christmas lights switch on and local residential homes. We give away our old computer equipment and provide technical support to other charity groups. When the students have grown their flowers, we sell them at local markets, such as Hebden Bridge and Todmorden. We also hold fundraising events to support Red Nose Day, McMillan Coffee Morning, McIntyre and Children In Need.

Keep Learning

Our daily sessions help students to learn or improve lots of different skills. This encourages students to stay interested and focussed.

Be Active and Healthy Eating

This is important to a student’s physical and mental health. We have qualified staff who teach different exercise classes. These classes help students to keep active. These sessions include; gym, Magpie Movers dance group, creative dance, chair based exercise, aerobics, boxercise, floor based exercises, walking groups, gardening, indoor and outdoor sports. We teach students how to eat healthily. Some of them have successfully lost weight. We invite NHS staff to Pennine to talk to our students about Diabetes and Obesity. Our Commercial Kitchen caters for students with dietary requirements. We use food grown from our own garden areas when available.