I am at Pennine Magpie on placement for my PGCE course at Huddersfield University; I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. The staff and students have been very friendly and welcoming. I enjoy coming here and interacting with everybody, both those in my Music group and those who I communicate with at lunch time. I would definitely recommend Pennine Magpie to anyone wanting to attend as a student. The setting may not be that of a typical school, but from my experience the atmosphere and nature of the sessions, make it a much happier and stress free environment to work in.


I am currently a student at Pennine Magpie from the University of Huddersfield. I am training to be a teacher and I take the cooking classes every week with 2 groups. I have enjoyed my time here and I will continue to volunteer once a week after my teaching hours are finished. The students are very welcoming and they have made me feel at home from day 1. Pennine Magpie is a really special place and it is evident that all the students enjoy attending and they have a good rapport with staff. The students are guided and enabled here, they are not told what to do. As a trainee teacher I feel the word facilitator resonates highly, the students are empowered and learn life long skills to enhance their independent living experiences.  I would definitely recommend this organisation for any student looking for a placement.

Cheryl Hey