We provide sessions to develop skills for a working life. These sessions aim to support those students who want to have, and are capable of, meaningful sustainable work or volunteering.

CV Building and Job Searches

Some of our students develop their skills and want to look for work. We support them to use the Internet for job searches, and how to create a CV and cover letter to apply for a job.

Office Skills

We have a dedicated training room for students to develop office skills. The group is small to make sure they can spend lots of time learning different skills. Some of these include how to file and organise paperwork, collecting the daily post, how to answer the phone and take messages. Students will be taught how to use Microsoft Office in more depth. This will involve using Word, creating a spread sheet, creating a database and using PowerPoint to produce a presentation. Certificates are awarded to show their progress.


Students are introduced to money values. They are given a list of items and learn how to work what they can afford to buy. The items are different. They might be food on a shopping list, weekly bus fares or items of furniture for the home. Students learn about the types of bills that they will need to pay and how to save money to pay for them.

Computer Skills

Students learn how to use a computer. They are taught how to switch on the computer and login using their own computer account. They also learn how to use the internet to look for information or to use safely for fun. Students will be introduced to the Microsoft Office Package and shown how to use Word documents for typing things up. They are shown how to save work and to print it out.

Time Keeping and Numeracy

Students are supported to improve their basic math skills. This could be adding, subtracting and multiplying numbers. The basic skills lead up to learning how to divide. We use worksheets, dice, paper money and coins and dominoes to do this. Students are also supported to improve their clock reading skills. This can help to improve their time keeping skills for using public transport. It can also help them to stick to break times in work.


Students practise their reading skills through active learning. This is reading instruction leaflets, drama scripts, radio show scripts, worksheets and information books such as Art, history and plants. We find out the reading level of a student, and then move them on to the next level.

Health and Safety at Work

Learn how to stay safe at work. This includes trip hazards such as things on the floor that may cause a fall. Learn about fire exits and the fire meeting point outside the building, when and where it is safe to eat and drink and when you should wear protective clothing or shoes.