Students are supported to improve their basic math skills. This could be adding, subtracting and multiplying numbers. The basic skills lead up to learning how to divide. We use worksheets, dice, paper money and coins and dominoes to do this.

Travel Training

Our walking group also use public transport. The students are taught how to read timetables and how to use their bus passes or buy train tickets. They learn how to count out their money and to check their change. Students also learn where to locate Safe Areas when travelling alone. Some of the students, who used our minibus pick up service, have attended these sessions and are now independent travellers.

Home Kitchen

A group of students use their lunch money to budget for a hot meal. They cook this in the Home Kitchen. Staff support the students to the supermarket to buy the items needed to cook their meal. Back in the kitchen they cook the food, sit down to eat it, and then do the cleaning up. The Home kitchen is modern. It is fully set up for wheel chair users. The kitchen has a cooking hob, oven, microwave, toaster, kettle, steamer, juicer, fridge, freezer, washing machine and utensils.

Budgets and Food Shopping

Students learn how to budget in our Skills for Work. Students who work in the Home Kitchen learn how to budget and shop for food. The kitchen sessions include talks about healthy eating and the types of food to buy.


Students practise their reading skills through active learning. This is reading instruction leaflets, drama scripts, radio show scripts, worksheets and information books such as Art, history and plants. We find out the reading level of a student, and then move them on to the next level.

House Chores and Equipment

We have a bedroom at the centre. This is so that students can learn how to keep a bed tidy and change the bedding. They are shown how to keep a bedroom clean using a hoover and wiping down paintwork. We have a steam iron and ironing board. Students are encouraged to try ironing with support from staff. They practise on the aprons used by the Kitchen.

In the Kitchen Utility area students are taught how to care for a fridge and freezer and how to use a washing machine. In the Commercial Kitchen students are shown how to use cooking utensils, a cooking hob, an oven, a microwave and a dish washer. Students also learn how to clean down and sweep and mop the kitchen area. Students learn the same in the Home Kitchen.